Done in terms of look, start doing reworked in the engine. Nouvo Standard block deposed and replaced with Block Kawahara Izumi and combined with a piston diameter of 58.5 mm, step left to the standard 57 mm piston to be able to play in class 155 CC Matic. Of the alloys are calculated using the formula of a cylinder 153 CC net carrying amount. Compression intentionally made a bit high to be bejaban dilintasan 201 F with 13:1 compression ratio. Kem use Kawahara K-1 duration of 280 degrees, dilungsurkan standard valve and replaced with Sonic belongs 24/28 per valve complete with her as well as modifications to the valve house and sitting valve with bronze material. CDI ignition sector entrusted to BRT Hyperband, Koil YZ 125 and NGK Iridium spark plugs. Using a standard carburetor with a combination of innate Nouvo MJ PJ 25 and 125. and labeled waste channel TDR Free Flow. CVT sector standards left for today is still sufficiently confident with CVT parts innate resistance motor with roller weight ratio of each section 10G and some home modifications roller on its primary pulley.


- Velg depan DID 120-17 + Ban FDR 50/90-17
- Velg belakang DID 120-17 + Ban FDR 50/90-17
- Tromol depan & belakang PSM
- Cakram depan Ride It
- Engine Bored Up 153 CC Kawahara + Piston Izumi 58.5 mm
- Klep Sonic 24/28
- Kem Kawahara K-1
- CDI BRT Hyperband
- Koil YZ 125
- Busi NGK Iridium
- Knalpot TDR Free Flow
- Roller Kawahara 10 G
- Airbrush Grafis (Base Coat & Vernish by Blinken)