in 2010 and 2011 Reality on the racetrack karapan motor, appear attractive for the prestigious class watched. What is it? Ducks 4 stroke tune up to 200 cc which began consistently presented in 2010. As is also evident in a show titled Ning's Productions Dragbike 2010 which took place on the track of the square Wonosari, Jogjakarta.

"Here comes a special starter Ducks 35 4 No 200 cc. In total about 400 dragster, "proud as a promoter organizer Nining Jatiningrum flagged Ning's Productions.

It is noteworthy, the context in ataspun quite applicable in the event around the Central Java-Yogyakarta and East Java which is actually far more lively than the Jakarta and West Java. Giving optimism duck category 4-stroke 200 cc will be more crowded.

"Understand it, in a wild race that class are already popular," said M Yusron, mechanical flag that many menukangi Alifka Motor racing dragster top Chodox kinds Eko, Anthony Petruk, Taufik Omphonk and Dada Handaru.

Most kiliker interested in being a jockey challenge at a time mechanic with basic motor is small but the duck is a big volume of the cylinder. In theory, it has a significant cargo cc. But not a guarantee, it takes diligence research.

Z Jupiter kinds of M Yusron that simply replace the piston with orsi belongs to Tiger (63.5 mm) and stroke is still the standard factory (54 mm). If calculated with the formula Cylinder Volume (CV) obtained by bore-up to reach 170.9 cc.

"Choose a safe course, the bigger the cc is more risky. Gaskets increasingly vulnerable including dayatahan piston surface due to the increasingly big valve. Remember, kreto drag playing with high compression, "explained Yusron who have the best time today with a best-time score 8 seconds for a distance of 201 meters.

Other things that do tricks kiliker Mamech Techno. Relying on basic Satria FU 150. A little more daring, apply piston of Scorpio (70 mm), medium stroke increased to 2 mm (50, 8 mm) to obtain the volume of a cylinder 195 cc. "Still in the pilot phase setting. So the best time is still the range of 8.2 seconds, "said Mamech Babarsari based in the region, Jogjakarta.

Regarding the interest of participants 200 cc duck itself, will certainly growing rapidly. Given that not focused on one label kudabesi. All can participate, either by default provided about the number 110 cc-115 cc range Shogun 110, Smash, Vega, Jupiter Z, Astrea, Karisma, Kaze, Blitz and others or the already crowded cylinder between 135 cc-150 cc range MX 135 or Satria FU 150. Still the most important duck species.

So, significant things that make this category more interesting scrutiny because of the permissibility of enlarging the volume to 200 cc engine. When the event dragbike Wonosari ago, which apply Satria FU is still small. Only three fighters.

The rest is dominated Jupiter Z, Vega, Crypton and Karisma. Claimed FU treatment costs 150 more costly due to congenital factor machine that supported the two camshaft and four valves. Once again, unfortunately not yet familiar 200 cc duck in organizing around Jakarta and West Java.

Dragbike kinds Bandung and twice in Jakarta recently. And if you start socialized will have a positive impact. Among the first, started in racing tersalurnya wild-made fighters. Remember, so many wild tracks spread out in Jakarta. The second advantage, fighter in the area of Central Java-Yogyakarta and East Java will be taking part as well.

Anyway, the duck 200 cc sounded frightening in thinking builders Kilik and become its own fighting spirit to build it. Come on, it must simultaneously menghajat duck 4 stroke tune-up 200 cc.