Jupiter Z and Honda Karisma Drag Modification Primitive class or a crowded arena down jockey made a junior, now began to bloom. Because the participants are no longer the tuner and junior jockey, but a number of famous names in this class follow-up plunge. Sip it, class 115 cc made precision tuner event pitted the all-gathering part of this limited.

Kinds of Jupiter-Z korekan Yazid successful in the classroom duck 115 cc 4 stroke beginner and incorporated in the Green Racing Team Desk team. Through Ikhsan Unyil the jockey, record the time capable of carved 8.8 seconds. What's the secret?

Noken as a special device, Yazid use MCS products are believed to still license the Japanese. Profile of the metal looks different with Noken as local. The design is also already fat. If aligned with Noken as Jupiter-Z, the design is more about 2.2 mm thick. "So the use of special Noken as this, I just cut free timing noken in 1.2 mm and 0.8 mm ex noken," said Yazid. In total, he added, duration Noken as being in 278 degrees.

In order for the program from noken not redundant serve fresh gas supply of 28 mm Keihin PE, for his use of Yazid entrust valve on valve 28 mm (in) and 24 mm (ex). Then backed up a single valve springs with oval contour model combustion chamber. Medium cylinder block was used as a medium to enhance the compression pressure, through cylinder block cutting lip 2.5 mm.

Izumi piston engine capacity supported 52 mm were added at the thrast piston grout to smooth cylinder lubrication. Output power at high rpm ready bergasing this, the more fit seconded fly wheel 400 grams on the outside of the primary teeth.

Rotor offset fulser lighters are still wearing orsi Jupiter-Z without the magnet, the lighter weight as well. It's just the pick-up coil length from 46 mm to 38 mm be trimmed front coil pickups. To customize the program BRT CDI ignition Master Chip's Charisma. Create an increasing supply of electric current at high voltage, Yazid also apply coil-owned Yamaha YZ-125.

Typical korekan to pursue high rpm is more extreme after the use of dental seconded light ratio. Teeth 1 (36-13), 2 (23-17), 3 standard and 4 (20-22). Performance 1st gear hard luggage because it is too light, just make Ikhsan special. Teeth 1, used as a platform for fast pit bike tracks.

Rhythm gear ratio Special 115 cc class, has grip like that and not be changed, in terms of engine capacity. "The reason that was made even longer, the teeth 3 and 4 so it runs out of power," believe Yazid who went 13-33 with the use of the final gear to the track's 201 meters.

Karbu: Keihin PE 28 mm
Noken as: MCS
CDI : BRT Master Chip Karisma
Koil : Yamaha YZ-125
Final gear : 13-33
Piston: Izumi 52 mm