Yamaha Jupiter MX in the near future plans to upgrade its performance, see deh fine following a review. Primarily intended to apply the package bore-up of his recent widely circulated.

Similarly, for those who already apply, but have not found the right setting. So the performance was as expected. Because some of the top workshops in Jakarta, which bore several times to handle MX-ups would love to have leaked about the settings they apply.

Well, there are several choices that could bore didiaplikasi-ups for this bike. "From a standard piston V-Ixion (57 mm), 58 mm, 60 mm, 61 mm and 62 mm. But if you make daily, the maximum wear of 60 mm 58 mm only, or enough, "said Teddy Cong, PT Globar Motorindo retainer (GM) strain in the region, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta.

If the choice enlargement capacity kayaks V-Ixion (149.8 cc), "Can the application block V-Ixion cylinder piston follows the original," said Ari Setiawan aka Kurok, AHRS former racing mechanic who emigrated to the GM.

In this option, the standard carburetor Kurok word is still quite capable in use. "But keep rejetting. Main jet and pilot jet is raised one step. But first, inlet and exhaust port should be used to offset the volume of the cylinder increases, "he explained.

Then the exhaust muffler aka more plong contrived. Can membobok standard exhaust filter, or the adoption of FreeFlow exhaust aftermarket. "Usually I wear exhaust AHRS F4. Then, the CDI was replaced wear and gear Rextor Adjustable rear diturunin 2 eyes, "added Kurok.