TDR Racing Super Open Internasional kelas FFA up to 350 cc.
Eko Chodox, Stephen Nawir and F Tumi, a trio of drag racers Indonesia who tested the fierce competition on the circuit motor matik dragbike Tepnakorn, Thailand. Meanwhile, because there is a problem in one engine, making Hambali baseball can get off at the event, titled TDR Racing Super International Open FFA up to the 350cc class.

There are some valuable lessons can be learned when Indonesian drag racers competing in Thailand. Among them is the preparation for a race motor that would follow. Mempet time, making the motor can be tested first baseball.

"We tested H pas-day race, motorcycle crashes and hard on the starter. Although we try to repair, but baseball can be a maximum. As a result, a motor baseball could go down the race, "said Eko Chodox champion who managed to steal 4.

The next lesson is about organizing the race. Before ngegas motor, participants must meet the minimum weight rule. "For the class that followed Chodox Eko and his colleagues, the rule of minimum weight 95 kg. With these rules, the drivers Indonesia must add weight 6-9 kg, "said Benny Rahmawan, R & D TDR Racing Indonesia.

Drag in Thailand is divided into 3 race. The first race is a qualifying round 1, then proceed with the second provision (taken 10 best time) and final round. In the preliminary round, contestants are given time approximately 60 minutes to mencatatakan best time. The same thing happened on the 2nd preliminary round.

"Two races earlier this free racer ngegas several times. When you get the best time record, baseball needs to ngegas again, "said Montree Chankaithong, team manager and mechanic, K-Sport GT Racing Part, one of the top drag teams Thailand.

Dibabak finals, riders must be able to start winning 2 times. In other words, on the left or right path, the driver must win each 1 times to be a champion. "If still a draw, yes gassed again until you find the value of the excess second victory," said Montree Chankaithong.

With this arrangement, the drivers have demanded physical skills and qualified. While mechanical, shall be made kenceng machine, but easily broken baseball.

Contest Results
1 / Napat Changpray / Thailand / YSS FCC Mahachai Dang K-1 Speed
2 / Tanawat Thongmee / Thailand / Smart Sport IRCT Watkampang Noom M Nontabury Sangob Kanchang M Pojae
3 / Lavikorn Keawkaw / Thailand / K-Sport Yamalub Y-TEQ IRCT YMR M-Tech
4 / Eko Chodox / Indonesia / TDR Racing