Drag bike championships 201 meters arable Trendypromo Mandira working with Trendy Sport Club, Chupenk Motor Sport and IMI in Tasikmalaya in West Java, West Java (26-27/2) Day Battle to come labeled Pertamina Enduro Bike Drag-KYT 201 meters - 2011.

This was stated in the release Trendypromo Mandira otosport.co.id sent to the editor. This inaugural event is felt important enough to remember Tasikmalaya for the first time will host a drag bike with a very attractive location and spacious due to be held at the airport.

IMI Pengprov Jabar as the host strongly supports the presence of the race which is usually followed by hundreds of these drivers. While the drag bike racer from West Java would not be easy to give a chance to win the drivers from other areas who come from different cities.

Do not miss the organizing committee will open the various classes of competition are: Duck 4T Tune Up until 130 cc - Duck 4T Tune Up to 200 cc - Duck 2T Tune Up until 125 cc - Sport 2T Tune Up until 140 cc - Sport 2T Tune Up until 155 cc - 4T Sport Tune Up to 200 cc - Matic Tune Up until 155 cc - Matic Tune Up to 200 cc - Matic Tune Up until 300 cc - Mixture 2T s / d 250 cc - Mixed 4T s / d 250 cc and Free For All (FFA).

Registration Opening is planned on Sunday two months in February 2011 was on: A) Secretariat in the city of Tasikmalaya (Chupenk Motor Sport) Jln. Sambong Jaya No. 67 Tasikmalaya T: (0265) 321-829; B) Secretariat Pengprov IMI West Java; Setrasari Mall C2 No. 23 Jl. Soerya Soemantri No. 120 Bandung (West Java) T: (022) 201-6689; C) Trendypromo Mandira; Jl. Health 2 No. 6 Bintaro South Jakarta T: (021) 736-4163 / 64 with early registration fee of Rp 380,000 is get 1 can of engine oil or Enduro Racing Enduro Matic, and the lottery to get 1 (one) KYT helmet.