Coil R9 ignition is strong, quick start / significantly increase horsepower and torque conserve fuel / total fuel combustion, reducing carbon build-upClean emissions, reduce pollution / eliminating tangling, preventing interference.

specifically for motorcycles: Ninja 250R, Ninja 150RR, and KLX 150
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CDI new I-MAX can be purchased directly plug and turned on. Because in it there is already ignition curves (MAP), adjusted for daily motorcycle (standard). Special type of dual band filled MAP standards and road race.

In one package includes remote and manual. "I-MAX CDI

Before attempting to design ignition curves should first identify the features or commands on a remote I-MAX

Enter (read)
The 'Enter' to read the program that is in the CDI. Prior to setting the need to press 'Enter' first until it says 'Read'. Means programs that are in the CDI is being read. Wait a while until it says 'Ready' which means ready to apply the settings or designing the MAP.

When pressed the menu button once the note of IT-1 (ignition timing). Press once again changed the writing limiter. "Ignition timing for setting the ignition timing. There are 8 steps that must be filled. Limiter to determine the maximum engine speed limit. I-MAX limiter highest at 20 thousand rpm,

Especially on I-MAX dual band there are two programs, namely the ignition timing of the I-II and I-II limiter. You do this by connecting disconnect switch on the CDI I-MAP MAX dual band. MAP severity of such riders can do as you go along.

This key is to make changes. Before you replace the ignition timing numbers or spin machine must press the 'Edit' first.

Arrow up / down
After pressing the 'Edit' followed by increasing or decreasing the number of timing / rpm this by pressing the arrow keys.

Doing the 'Reset' can be done by pressing the 'Edit' and 'Enter' simultaneously. After reset, the timing of all steps (from 1 to 8) will default to 150. While the default limiter at 20 thousand
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Yamaha RC DRAG is a modified version of Semarang Motor, with a standard korekan system. Using arburator Keihin, and exhaust from creampie Jogja. Use red paint brush is implying that this is the RC Yamaha motorcycle that brave old.
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HONDA DRAG news refers to the fact the competition and the level above it Motoprix Indoprix 2010 that there is a team that currently fight in IP1 category (125 cc) were more confident that dibore manggunakan Blade-up alias to replace the piston with a diameter of more big. There are also different with still rely on Supra 125, to give the same attention between the two. So based regulation is not prohibited the use of IMI that dibore Blade-up to IP1 as well as competitors, nor is there any prohibition of the manufacturer AHM (Astra Honda Motor).

Just a note, in HRC 2010, then required by Supra 125/Karisma IP1. Blade must not bore-ups. It's just so it feels less significant because of the competition kejurnas taken a different war strategy. Some teams Blade bore applications Motoprix-ups in 2010 in which Honda Son Rinjani IRC NHK Ahau Federal Oil Racing Team, Honda DAM Adira NHK Motora, then FDR Ink World vehicle Federal Motor Oil. Includes Honda Banten NHK Indoprix FDR fought in 2010.

But there also remain with the Supra 125, such as Honda troops Aries Son Oei KYT MPM Federal Oil and Honda Racing Tunas Jaya FDR INK Federal Oil, both in the crater Indoprix 2010. "Our team is seriously researching both. Image both must be balanced, "said Eko Budi Sentosa, owner of Honda Aries Son Oei KYT Federal Oil MPM Racing. Troops backed Aries Son as the Honda dealership Nganjuk region, Tulungagung and Jombang is all-out with jockey Wahyu Widodo and Meilan, and in June the U.S..

"If we are more practical with the Blade for the beginner MP3 (125 cc) and MP4 (110 cc)," said Pepen Purnama, FDR KYT DAM team commander of the Federal Oil Warning FIF Golden SND origin with hotshot Dadan Subang Alam, Anga PA, Marsholandi and Andi child jockeys 12 years of successful Farid seize champion Standard Blade beginner class.

Logically it would be more efficient and practical if the machines use Blade for the last two classes. Moreover, claims some kiliker, Blade chassis more profitable while devouring a broken corner. Includes dimensional aerodynamic body with a spec 1885 x 709 x 1071 mm (P x L x T) and 1221 mm wheelbase. "Frame the back cut, then make their new quasi-rear seat that slides into the top of the more horizontal 2.8 cm. Its effects are felt in the rider, "explained Juan Suharyono, slang is called Rio, courtier Honda team Son Rinjani IRC NHK Federal Oil Ahau RT.

Actually Supra 125 also has the potential, let alone armed with more overstroke value (57.9 mm). "It took extensive research because the diameter of the valve can not be too large entry of 28 mm because the piston is less big. IP1 rules when in fact can be up to 30 mm. Currently, attention fixed on headcylinder testing, porting and camshaft, "said Ferdy Iskandar, mechanical Honda Tunas Jaya FDR INK Federal Oil, also son of the late Michael Chia Iskandar or special Om researching Supra 125 for Blade handled match other builders.
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in 2010 and 2011 Reality on the racetrack karapan motor, appear attractive for the prestigious class watched. What is it? Ducks 4 stroke tune up to 200 cc which began consistently presented in 2010. As is also evident in a show titled Ning's Productions Dragbike 2010 which took place on the track of the square Wonosari, Jogjakarta.

"Here comes a special starter Ducks 35 4 No 200 cc. In total about 400 dragster, "proud as a promoter organizer Nining Jatiningrum flagged Ning's Productions.

It is noteworthy, the context in ataspun quite applicable in the event around the Central Java-Yogyakarta and East Java which is actually far more lively than the Jakarta and West Java. Giving optimism duck category 4-stroke 200 cc will be more crowded.

"Understand it, in a wild race that class are already popular," said M Yusron, mechanical flag that many menukangi Alifka Motor racing dragster top Chodox kinds Eko, Anthony Petruk, Taufik Omphonk and Dada Handaru.

Most kiliker interested in being a jockey challenge at a time mechanic with basic motor is small but the duck is a big volume of the cylinder. In theory, it has a significant cargo cc. But not a guarantee, it takes diligence research.

Z Jupiter kinds of M Yusron that simply replace the piston with orsi belongs to Tiger (63.5 mm) and stroke is still the standard factory (54 mm). If calculated with the formula Cylinder Volume (CV) obtained by bore-up to reach 170.9 cc.

"Choose a safe course, the bigger the cc is more risky. Gaskets increasingly vulnerable including dayatahan piston surface due to the increasingly big valve. Remember, kreto drag playing with high compression, "explained Yusron who have the best time today with a best-time score 8 seconds for a distance of 201 meters.

Other things that do tricks kiliker Mamech Techno. Relying on basic Satria FU 150. A little more daring, apply piston of Scorpio (70 mm), medium stroke increased to 2 mm (50, 8 mm) to obtain the volume of a cylinder 195 cc. "Still in the pilot phase setting. So the best time is still the range of 8.2 seconds, "said Mamech Babarsari based in the region, Jogjakarta.

Regarding the interest of participants 200 cc duck itself, will certainly growing rapidly. Given that not focused on one label kudabesi. All can participate, either by default provided about the number 110 cc-115 cc range Shogun 110, Smash, Vega, Jupiter Z, Astrea, Karisma, Kaze, Blitz and others or the already crowded cylinder between 135 cc-150 cc range MX 135 or Satria FU 150. Still the most important duck species.

So, significant things that make this category more interesting scrutiny because of the permissibility of enlarging the volume to 200 cc engine. When the event dragbike Wonosari ago, which apply Satria FU is still small. Only three fighters.

The rest is dominated Jupiter Z, Vega, Crypton and Karisma. Claimed FU treatment costs 150 more costly due to congenital factor machine that supported the two camshaft and four valves. Once again, unfortunately not yet familiar 200 cc duck in organizing around Jakarta and West Java.

Dragbike kinds Bandung and twice in Jakarta recently. And if you start socialized will have a positive impact. Among the first, started in racing tersalurnya wild-made fighters. Remember, so many wild tracks spread out in Jakarta. The second advantage, fighter in the area of Central Java-Yogyakarta and East Java will be taking part as well.

Anyway, the duck 200 cc sounded frightening in thinking builders Kilik and become its own fighting spirit to build it. Come on, it must simultaneously menghajat duck 4 stroke tune-up 200 cc.
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BORE UP JUPITER Z 2008 ,Serious pressure experienced by Yamaha when MP1 duck down in the class 125 cc 4 stroke tune up. Kinds of Jupiter-Z racing racer who is now strengthening Budi Ersan Diva Mart team, Boyolali Jateng dimanageri by Sutikno. To face the onslaught of Honda and Suzuki, Agus the tuner started to impose new methods in terms of picking machines.

The result of this research, Agus more focused on the use of valves that are plotted 28 mm (in) and 23 mm (ex). Valve size was 28 mm in the extreme, especially for the road race. Agus But this time reflect on the use of 54 mm piston crown Izumi who have higher. According to Agus comparative figures diameter piston valves with a diameter that is ideal. The resulting accumulation of vacuum cylinder 54 mm, it is believed more strongly compress the fresh gas which leads to the Keihin PWK 28 mm.

Karbu skepticism that has a design of this flat model makes sense for the supply of fresh gas is more concentrated offset the use of the valve head 28 mm. Indeed, the valve head 28 mm too short drain karbu mechanical rhythms, until finally the composition of suitable disposable main jet and pilot jet size: 140 32. Also the intake manifold also diremer 1.5 mm, while the exhaust manifold diremer 2.5 mm. Forwarded-Pang YY muffler with exhaust neck 28 mm and 32 mm Sarangan.

Excess valve 28 mm, in research Noken as not too dizzy. The problem with play duration at 275 degrees (in-ex), engine power can still be dikail gasingan short to medium to top speed. The rule must first valve springs replaced single model (single) Japanese products, with larger spiral but tenuous. "The good accuracy is more accurate back pressure valve so that the optimal effect of preventing the occurrence of floating," Budi convinced that actively researched.

Medium gasingan fixed underneath, should be seconded comparison lightweight gear ratio 1, ie, (35-12). Starting second gear intentionally made heavier (29-16), to support the purposes of rolling speed while devouring u-turn.

Special gear ratios concoction made Senggol market, the performance at top speed 4th gear ratio enhanced light (22-19). So as not too prolonged and weak at top speed. "After all, most stuck Senggol market straight 200 meters," Agus value.

Right calter sector provided 400 grams of fly wheel, with a diameter of 6 cm, but thick, as levers gasingan medium. Figures for 400 grams, according to Agus also not too heavy, so that it remains secure even if worn engine brake. Moderate coupling its dikanibal from Suzuki FR-80. For that the radius must digerinda clutch home again. And continued use of the clutch spring competition with higher dimension 3.5 mm.

CDI ignition devices apply Rextor Extreme combined with magnetic casing Vega and fulser Satria-F, and coil dihantar Yamaha YZ-125. "Ignition composition superior in terms of endurance, ignition currents in gasingan more stable medium," said Budi.

Piston: Izumi
CDI : Rextor Extreme
Koil : Yamaha YZ-125
Knalpot : YY-Pang
Katup : In (28 mm) dan ex (23 mm)
Fly wheel: 400 gram
Kampas kopling : Suzuki FR-80
Pegas katup: Jepang model single
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Jupiter Z and Honda Karisma Drag Modification Primitive class or a crowded arena down jockey made a junior, now began to bloom. Because the participants are no longer the tuner and junior jockey, but a number of famous names in this class follow-up plunge. Sip it, class 115 cc made precision tuner event pitted the all-gathering part of this limited.

Kinds of Jupiter-Z korekan Yazid successful in the classroom duck 115 cc 4 stroke beginner and incorporated in the Green Racing Team Desk team. Through Ikhsan Unyil the jockey, record the time capable of carved 8.8 seconds. What's the secret?

Noken as a special device, Yazid use MCS products are believed to still license the Japanese. Profile of the metal looks different with Noken as local. The design is also already fat. If aligned with Noken as Jupiter-Z, the design is more about 2.2 mm thick. "So the use of special Noken as this, I just cut free timing noken in 1.2 mm and 0.8 mm ex noken," said Yazid. In total, he added, duration Noken as being in 278 degrees.

In order for the program from noken not redundant serve fresh gas supply of 28 mm Keihin PE, for his use of Yazid entrust valve on valve 28 mm (in) and 24 mm (ex). Then backed up a single valve springs with oval contour model combustion chamber. Medium cylinder block was used as a medium to enhance the compression pressure, through cylinder block cutting lip 2.5 mm.

Izumi piston engine capacity supported 52 mm were added at the thrast piston grout to smooth cylinder lubrication. Output power at high rpm ready bergasing this, the more fit seconded fly wheel 400 grams on the outside of the primary teeth.

Rotor offset fulser lighters are still wearing orsi Jupiter-Z without the magnet, the lighter weight as well. It's just the pick-up coil length from 46 mm to 38 mm be trimmed front coil pickups. To customize the program BRT CDI ignition Master Chip's Charisma. Create an increasing supply of electric current at high voltage, Yazid also apply coil-owned Yamaha YZ-125.

Typical korekan to pursue high rpm is more extreme after the use of dental seconded light ratio. Teeth 1 (36-13), 2 (23-17), 3 standard and 4 (20-22). Performance 1st gear hard luggage because it is too light, just make Ikhsan special. Teeth 1, used as a platform for fast pit bike tracks.

Rhythm gear ratio Special 115 cc class, has grip like that and not be changed, in terms of engine capacity. "The reason that was made even longer, the teeth 3 and 4 so it runs out of power," believe Yazid who went 13-33 with the use of the final gear to the track's 201 meters.

Karbu: Keihin PE 28 mm
Noken as: MCS
CDI : BRT Master Chip Karisma
Koil : Yamaha YZ-125
Final gear : 13-33
Piston: Izumi 52 mm
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